Baths, Bathtubs, Showers 

Anti-slip treatments and products that increases traction in your bathrooms to include bathtubs, showers, and floors. Our products and services work on porcelain and fiberglass 

Anti-slip Floor Treatments 

Anti-slip floor or surface treatments and products that create a "micro-tread" even when wet. Floor types include Tile - Stone - Marble - Travertine - Concrete - Wood - Vinyl - Porcelain. Our floor treatment services work on any floor, surface, ramp, stair indoor and outdoor

Floor Safety Consulting 

Our certified technician will work with you to provide any level of consulting to achieve your floor safety needs. Services include: Walk through audits - Floor maintenance review - Floor product review - Floor safety training

Restaurant Floor Treatments and Maintenance Services 

Anti-slip treatments and products that increases traction in your Restaurants to include Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Floors. Our products and services work to not only remove the grease buildup, but maintain a floor with adequate traction to prevent slips and falls 

Nonslip Treads 

Anti-slip treads and products that increases traction in your workplace or home

All properly installed SlipDoctors products are guaranteed to increase the coefficient of friction for your surface for 2 years (provided cleaning procedures are followed and no contaminants are present). If at any time during the warranty period the treated surface should lose its coefficient of friction, an authorized applicator (the "Applicator") will reapply or provide additional treatment at no additional cost to the Customer. In no way does the Provider or anyone ever agree that no one will fall as a result of the SlipDoctors treatment. In exchange for good and valuable consideration, including the provision of the SlipDoctors Non-Slip treatment, the Customer and the heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns of the Customer hereby remise, release and forever discharge the Distributor, the Manufacturer (SoftTec Products, LP) and the Applicator, including all employees, agents and representatives respectively thereof, from all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands or damages at law or in equity of any kind whatsoever ("claims") in respect of injury, loss or damage howsoever caused arising out of any incident relating to any surfaces treated by the SlipDoctors treatment and waives all claims against the Distributor, the Manufacturer and the Applicator. 

Floor Traction Testing 

Our certified technician will test the traction levels of your floor or surface. The ADA recommends traction levels of .60 or greater to prevent slips and falls. We use the ASM-825A Slip Meter

Epoxy Coatings 

Provide a fresh new look, protect your surface and improve the traction. Garages, Decks, Patios, Loading Docks, Ramps, Stairs, Storage Rooms

Services provided by Slip Consultants Certified Provider

Concrete Staining and Waterproof Sealants

Provide a fresh look to your concrete patio, driveway, or pool deck. Water proof your surface to keep out the moisture as well as provide a fresh look

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