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Our Goals
1. Improve the look of your floors, surfaces, and ramps with our floor treatment services
2. Improve the traction of your slippery floors, surfaces, and ramps to prevent slip and fall incidents
3. Provide full service floor safety consulting
4. Improve the look and reduce potential for slip and fall incidents thereby reducing injury, lost co-worker days, workers compensation payouts, insurance premium increases, and litigation due to slip and fall incidents

Slip and Fall Statistics
1. Slip and fall injuries amount to a staggering $36 BILLION a year problem in US
2. Slip and falls are the number on cause of accidents in hotels and facilities
3. Slip and falls account for most lost workdays as well as increasing liability costs
4. Over 540,000 slip-fall injuries each yr requiring hospital care
5. Vista, CA 2011 - Starbucks sued and lost - $7.2 million settlement

What is Slip Consultants process
1. Identification - Walk-through to identify slippery floors or surfaces
2 Testing - Test to determine the Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) of your floors, surfaces, and ramps
3. Treatment - Increase traction by producing a “micro-tread” on your slippery surface
4. Follow-up - Scheduled visits at six and twelve months to ensure continued tractionType your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

“Slip Consultants Inc is happy to provide a list of companies and organizations that have benefited from slip and fall mitigation treatment."


We service Commercial, and Residential customers. We provide a full service slip and fall mitigation program from testing through final application.



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